Blakeland Construction Services is dedicated to growing the construction trades and offering support to small, minority owned businesses. Blakeland hopes to create community between business professionals and underserved businesses by creating a dialog between the two and by providing valuable business information. On this page you can find contact information for business professionals who have volunteered their assistance, a form to ask business related questions, a calendar of upcoming events, a pre-qualification form for subcontractors and much more. 

If you are interested in working with Blakeland, please complete and return the Pre-Qualification form below. This process will speed up the process once a project is beginning and put you in our database of vendors.

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Upcoming Events

  • Blakeland’s Minority Business Outreach Meeting, February 20, 2020
  • Inspiring Women Leaders Conference, March 8-10, 2020, University of Florida
  • University of Florida Small Business Opportunity Fair and Summit, May 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Colleagues, Blakeland is providing the information below as a source to start a conversation. We are not offering professional recommendations on any topics. We are offering our past experiences so you can find partners that can help you make the best decisions for you and your company.


How do I get a website domain name?

Once you have decided on your company name, search online for which domain names are available. We used GoDaddy as a start, but there are a number of other sources for looking up and hosting your domain. For example, we wanted to use Blakeland.com but found that it was already in use. We searched for other options and found that Blakeland.us was available and moved forward. When selecting your domain name, think through your selection. It is likely that you will keep the domain name for the life of your company!


Do I need a business plan?

We found it useful to develop a business plan- to think through what you want to do for the development of the product or service, marketing, financial projections and more. We also received input from trusted business/finance advisers. We found great support (for free!) from our Chamber of Commerce as well as the Small Business Administration. Both resources are included in our contact list. We found that having a business plan helped us organize and develop company culture, as well short and long term goals.


What permits, licenses or registrations do I need for my business? 

Do some research to make sure you are compliant from the start. The Department of Professional Regulation (typically state specific) is a great start. Depending on the nature of the business, you may need the following permits, licenses or regulations:

  • Permits need for regulated businesses
  • Sales tax license or permit
  • Home-based business permits
  • City and county business permits or licenses
  • Zoning permit
  • Sellers permit
  • Health department permits
  • Federal and State tax/employer ID’s


Should I form my company as a LLC or a corporation?

This is a critical decision and we encourage you to contact a CPA or attorney. Our friends at James Moore (contact included in our support list) are very helpful on this topic. Ownership, personal and professional liability, taxing structure are only a few determining factors.


Do I need insurance for my company?

The insurance topic is vast. Depending on your company and services or goods you provide, our Waldorf Insurance and Bonds team (contact included in our reference list) can guide you though this questions.


How do I advertise our services?        

Blakeland started very small and lean. Since we didn’t have a promotion and advertising budget, we attended free professional groups and events where we could network and introduce our service. The local Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for free events. Each Chamber strives to develop local businesses and will be a partner though your company’s growth. We also leaned on our Builder’s Association to network for clients as well as business partners.



Stacey D. Hayes
Business Development Specialist

Campus USA Credit Union
Phone: 352-335-9090 x10126
Toll Free: 800-367-6440
Email: shayes@campuscu.com

Human Resources

Julie A. Kniseley, SHRM-SCP
Human Resource Specialist

James Moore Certified Public Accountants and Consultants
Phone: 352-378-1331
Email: Julie.Kniseley@JMCo.com

Insurance – General Liability, Workers Comp

Paul A. Locascio
Waldorff Insurance & Bonding
Phone: 352-374-7779
Email: Paull@waldorffinsurance.com


Benjamin H. French
Waldorff Insurance & Bonding
Phone: 352-374-7779
Email: BenF@waldorffinsurance.com

Accounting and Financial Statements

Jeremy D. Wright, CPA
James Moore Certified Public Accountants and Consultants
Phone: 352-378-1331
Email: Jeremy.Wright@JMCo.com

Small Business Information, Minority Status Questions

Tisa Clark
Business Opportunity Specialist
SBA U.S. Small Business Administration
Phone: 904-443-1931
Email: Leticia.Clark@sba.gov